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We’re so proud of the feedback we get from clients and suppliers. Here are some of the latest comments which made us smile recently:

It's been a great pleasure knowing you. You really helped us out and made such a radical change to the way the building is run.

Stan S, W2

Thank you so much for the great news, we highly appreciate the efficiency and professionalism of MIH Property Management Limited.

Lina S, W2

Wow!! That was quick, and as I said to my colleague this is the best money we could ever spend on a handbook, as it would have taken us a lot longer to try and put this together!

Per G, W2

Our thanks for dealing with this so promptly. It is within budget.  Well done you.  An extra ‘well done’ too for a successful reinstatement of the insurance cover.

Davina J, Thames Reach W6

I would like to compliment you for the hire of Mehreen. She is an absolute joy to work with. This has been a great addition to your team!

Pers G, W2

We can thoroughly recommend Sarah and everyone at MIH who have done a fantastic job for us. They inherited a poor situation at our completed developments due to neglect of both maintenance and leasees by the previous agents. They have now, however, righted all the previous wrongs and the completed sites are very much back to looking their best. Communication is always really fast and prompt, and they have dealt very well with some difficult leasees. You would not regret appointing them to manage your blocks.

Matthew H, EC2A

A huge thank you for this evening – getting up to speed with all things DC and offering such great value on our first Directors Meeting is very much appreciated.

Pamela W, SW19

Thank you Max. This is excellent. Precise, polite and informative.

Kathy W, SE1

Thanks for all you are doing to help with this transition. We are fortunate to have you and the MIH team on board.

Charles B, SE1

Thank you for your email. Extremely helpful- really appreciate your help, we will proceed accordingly.

Stan S, W2

Thank you, yes it was a pleasure to finally put a face to your name. I feel confident that you’ll deal perfectly with this handover and management moving forward.

Pauline P, NW2

Thanks very much for this helpful, detailed and speedy reply to my (and many others) query about cladding progress. I am very satisfied by the approach taken so far, and welcome your bi-weekly updates. Once again, thanks very much to you and your team.

Charles S, SE1

I would just like to say that I am very impressed with the service and how quickly you respond to emails – thank you.

Sara A, SE17

Great to see you are totally on top of it all.

Dariusz R, SE5

I have to say, after our previous managing agents, it’s such a pleasure and relief to deal with a team who are communicative and actually seem to care about those of us living in the building. I wanted to say thanks for your ongoing support.

Alastair S, SE5

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