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We’re so proud of the feedback we get from clients and suppliers. Here are some of the latest comments which made us smile recently:

It seems to me like Levi is on it and brilliantly reactive to the things we have asked about.

Mary W, NW6

We are extremely grateful for how MIH and the team took on the responsibility and work for our building a week earlier than expected because of the September rain and flood. Therefore to show our appreciation the Directors have unanimously agreed to pay you an extra week of your management fee.

Aled D, EC1V

Max, thank you for your time just now, I think we have made a good choice moving Property Management company!

Eleanor G, SW15

Thank you so much for all your hard work and perseverance in getting this finally completed. We really appreciate everything that has been done on our behalf. What a great team you make!

Diana P, W1W

Thank you for dealing with this so promptly and professionally. Your assistance is appreciated.

Jess K, SW18

Thank you for your tenacious actions with resolving this matter.

David N, SW1P

Just a note to say how impressed I was by the way Nicola dealt with the water pump issue last week. Reacted swiftly regardless of the hour and kept everybody informed. We would not have got a service like that from our previous agents.

Eric F, E3

Many thanks for sending these out. It looks spot on! Great work, much appreciated.

Robert S, SW18

Great, thank you Levi! It is a pleasure having you on board! I have seen the garden, looks lovely and other bits too. I particularly appreciate the details like perforated metal protection panel to the gully outside my bathroom.

Snezana J, NW6

Thank you very much for a prompt response and I look forward to future correspondence with updates from you.

Diana S, SE5

I must thank you again for all your hard work on our behalf I am so pleased that you are now managing the flats.

Julie A, KT6

Thanks Immam, I always appreciate your quick responses to my questions. It's very refreshing.

Barney L, E2

I am glad to be of assistance of course and I can assure you, that your company has one of the fastest response times in the industry from my experience.

Oscar, SE1

Thanks for the prompt provision of Minutes for last weeks meeting - we're not used to such efficiency [testimonial for Levi O'Brien].

Paul S, SE1

Thanks so much, Sarah! Really appreciate your kind help. Can understand why you're so highly rated, and will certainly be sharing your details with my contacts.

Gita, S. SE25

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