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We’re so proud of the feedback we get from clients and suppliers. Here are some of the latest comments which made us smile recently:

Thanks so much, Sarah! Really appreciate your kind help. Can understand why you're so highly rated, and will certainly be sharing your details with my contacts.

Gita, S. SE25

We can thoroughly recommend Sarah and everyone at MIH who have done a fantastic job for us. They inherited a poor situation at our completed developments due to neglect of both maintenance and leasees by the previous agents. They have now, however, righted all the previous wrongs and the completed sites are very much back to looking their best. Communication is always really fast and prompt, and they have dealt very well with some difficult leasees (one in particular!)You would not regret appointing them to manage your blocks.

Mathew H, EC2A

You are doing a fantastic job dealing with the personalities and history of our property as I appreciate only too well it is not an easy task.

Robin I, SW15

Many thanks for this update. It is encouraging to see your commitment to communication with tenants. It’s a big improvement on the previous regime.

David D, SE1

Thank you and also, thanks for the longer email to all residents. We appreciate the rigour you have brought and especially regarding the management of the buildings works.

Guy G, SE1

On the plus side, I should give you some great feedback too and say that I'm very happy with responses and communication and around proactive approach from you both, and really appreciate that.

David M, N8

Thanks so much for the wonderful service so far.

Sasha F, SW2

Many thanks for all your help today, you have already worked really hard on our behalf, which is very reassuring.

Diana P, WC2

Many thanks for such an efficient and prompt service.

Fenella R, E3

I must say that I’m very impressed with the hands-on approach to our building. Very refreshing.

Andreas S, E3

Thanks for all your help and your team's help in keeping us all in line. Until we spoke earlier in the year I hadn't realised the tone of some of the correspondence MIH receive. I certainly appreciate what I consider a very dedicated service from the whole of the MIH team that I don't think we would receive elsewhere.

Stuart R

I forgot to mention to you that all the people you sent for the works are great. We are super pleased with the results so far.

Claire C, W14

I mean thanks Sarah, amazing work and a big favour!

David G, W2

Thank you for handling the transfer so well, and for this budget.

Cyrille M, SE1

Thank you so much for this detailed explanation and for the early reassurance on cost. It sounds as if you have quite a challenge on rectifying all this...but it's clearly in good hands.

Don B, SW

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