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We’re so proud of the feedback we get from clients and suppliers. Here are some of the latest comments which made us smile recently:

MIH Property is incredibly efficient and very knowledgeable about this property management business and I know that we are very happy to have you on board.

Penny M, SW15

We have been delighted with the service that Sarah has provided. Sarah was like a breath of fresh air, making sure the board had all the information they needed to move forward – and no excuses!

Tim Cullis

Sarah’s extremely professional and efficient manner ensured the smooth running of our residential block. Her ability to manage the finances within budget, dealing with a diverse section of the public, problem solving and great communication took a great amount of stress off myself, the freeholder. I would recommend Sarah without hesitation.

Sony Douer

She set up structure, targets, financial & management controls, managed a 1/4 £ million refurbishment from new heating installations to outside paintwork, managed, minuted and executed the decisions of all our Freehold Company meetings. Sarah is exceptional; in a lifetime of International Company Management, I have rarely known so much energy, knowledge, commitment and honesty all wrapped up in one person.

Cecilia Mc Auley – Howell

I just wanted to say a personal thank you for all your work re the cladding. It’s truly impressive and much appreciated. I for one am certainly glad and relieved you and your company are on board to help us.

Safina H, NW1

We are glad that you have really started to make your mark and take ownership of managing the estate. This is very different already from our relationship with our other property managers. Please know that we are delighted to pass on estate management to MIH and we would really like you and your team to take ownership of this - with low levels of interference and direction from us.

Pippa G, SW20

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