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We’re so proud of the feedback we get from clients and suppliers. Here are some of the latest comments which made us smile recently:

Great to meet you both. You seem to be very much on the ball, so that’s great news. Looking forward to working with you.  

Andreas S, SW

Thanks a lot for this update & your commitment to getting good value for money.

Anan A, SW20

I leave the matter with you and my mind is at rest, knowing its in your capable hands.

Aditi S, SW1P

We would like, however, to commend the managing agents, MIH, and especially the services of Sarah Fisher, for dealing with the many 'leak issues', including our own that dragged on for over a year until Sarah become involved.

Delia J, SW15

This is a most fortuitous time to re-consider one’s place, as it were, because with Sarah Fisher and MIH Property Management Limited, working with the WDMC/MCFC Boards, we have an excellent outlook and practice, which is making a great deal much easier for the directors than has been the case in more recent times. Still, however, there is a great deal to address on an ongoing basis, and it’s all very important.

Peter G – ex Director, SW15

Thanks for writing back. I appreciate your concern and am happy that someone like yourself has the heart to work and resolve the current issue. [To our property administrator Sharan]

Amar A, SW20

Thank you so much Sharan for the expeditious response, very much appreciated.

Patricia LW, SW15

I must say this has been much easier than expected and handled much quicker than if we had still been saddled with a close competitor, so I really do appreciate it.

Mathew B, SW15

Thanks for organising this - the people have done a great job in removing the graffiti!

Rafael A, NW5

Thanks Sharan, I really appreciate your quick response.

Fabian F, NW10

Thank you for taking the initiative here to reinvigorate this slow-moving process. I appreciate the MIH efforts to move forward on the accounts and on the necessary building works.

Jim R, SW15

Thanks for dealing with it all with your usual efficiency!

Peter G, SW15

Just a note to say thank you so much for your endeavours on our behalf, and the lease extensions - great result!

Neil M, SW15

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for sending your lovely carpenter round yesterday. He managed to get the issue sorted more quickly than any of us thought possible. Top chap!

Orla R, SW15

Many thanks for your email and for others updating us on maintenance issues. We are most appreciative.

Carolyn L, SW20

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