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Whether you’re leasing out a small shop, offices or a huge warehouse, it’s important you feel confident that your commercial property management is under control. 

We’re experienced in managing commercial properties of all shapes and sizes across a range of industries, so we know exactly what needs to be done and when. We keep buildings in perfect condition, keep suppliers on their toes and keep a close eye on when rent reviews are due. With MIH, you’ll never be caught out, or out of pocket.

You’ll also find dealing with us is stress-free. We build strong relationships with lessees and tenants, stay in regular contact with you and them, and make sure they call us if anything comes up. Happy tenants stay and pay – so that’s more good news for you!

Work with us and your building will have:

  1. A robust 5 – 10 year development strategy to ensure your investment remains as attractive as possible
  2. Regular inspections so we can ensure issues are handled before they become serious and costly
  3. A thorough landlord responsibility analysis, so you will know if repairs are your responsibility or down to the tenant
  4. Full compliance with all health and safety regulations
  5. Reviewed tenancy terms to ensure they are fair and equitable for all
  6. Optimised client cash flow. We’ll offer advice as to how you can maximise your income long term.

Commercial Property Management Case Studies

Commercial property management
Case Study One


Commercial property management
Case Study Two


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