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Looking for high quality property management can be a challenge. Slick presentations, empty promises, bluster and fluff – after a while, all the companies just blend together don’t, they? 

Until you speak to us. We tell the truth, are pragmatic and down to earth and you can rely on us to base every single decision we make on what’s best for your building. 

Work with MIH and you’ll be able to take care of your building, increase its value, protect your investment and build a sense of community. That’s the MIH way.


You need your management accounts to be accurate, detailed and accessible. We offer regular accounts featuring explanations of any variances, so you keep up to date with your finances and can plan ahead with confidence.

Work with us and we will:

  1. Create and develop affordable budgets
  2. Collect service charges
  3. Pay invoices
  4. Prepare regular accounts
  5. Make complex data easy to grasp to facilitate easy decision making

Company Secretarial

Our specialist block management team take care of all company secretarial duties, including sending out your notices, filing your documentation and submitting your confirmation statements. From complex legal matters to routine admin, we’re detail-focussed, knowledgeable and trustworthy.


You want to have the right cover without breaking the bank. That’s why we’ve built strong relationships with the industry’s market leaders, so we can negotiate competitive policies that cut costs, not cover. We are also experienced in making impossible claims become possible.

Work with us and you’ll get competitively priced:

  1. Buildings insurance
  2. Engineering insurance
  3. Employers liability
  4. Directors and officers insurance
  5. Employee insurance

Lease & legal support

As soon as we start working with you, we’ll thoroughly review your lease.

We’ll then compile a rules and responsibilities handbook for your property. This is a labour intensive but valuable resource, so does come with a small fee should you require it. It covers everything you need to know about living in your property day to day, answers frequently asked questions and features useful phone numbers pertinent to your building. 

If issues or questions arise during our time working together, we work with you to interpret the lease rules intelligently and to find innovative, workable solutions.

Regulation & Compliance

We create a sense of community in the properties we look after and have the skills and experience needed to create mutually agreeable solutions when challenges arise.

Repairs, maintenance & refurbishment

Whether we are managing your investment property, commercial property or home we’ll keep costs down by getting in the right contractors to do your work. 

We’ll take care of your property as if it were our own, carry out regular, thorough inspections, fix small problems before they become big ones and plan and budget for more significant work.

With MIH, communication is always key, so you can rely on us to ensure lessees buy in to any changes we make, from smartening up hallways and stairs to replanting communal gardens.

Utility Procurement

You want to minimise communal water, gas and electricity spending. We work closely with our brokers to get you the best possible deal on the market so you can boost investment in your property rather than boosting the utility companies’ profits. We don’t take any commission on this, and all savings are passed on to you.

Block Management Case Studies

Block management
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