Why I heart Property Management

We we heart property management.In the last few weeks, we have noticed a surge of interest in our block management services and it has made me wonder, how come? In the absence of an exact explanation as to why changing your property manager is seasonal, I wonder if the change is precipitated by the lack of green shoots of recovery despite the plans made during the long winter months. Notwithstanding this, we have met with several potential clients who we hope will be joining the MIH Club in June. One particular meeting stood out in my mind when I was asked how we at MIH cope with difficult owners, day in day out.

With this in mind and having been subject to a rather unusual form of protest from an owner (more of which later) who is embroiled in legal action with a management company, I have been mulling this over and thought that I would share with you why I love being a property manager!

The fifth emergency service?

I am the first to admit that I am aware that property management compared to being say, a doctor, nurse or policeman (sorry I am not sure what the politically correct term is now) is somewhat frivolous. However, for our owners, we are often seen as an emergency service.

I would also concur that receiving a call, out of hours, about a lift being out of service, when the emergency telephone number for the lift company is in the lift car and has been supplied separately does seem to be a little extreme. Particularly, as their phone call is more likely to be successful in obtaining an ETA than ours as they will be providing access.

Similarly, receiving a call from an owner complaining that their refuse has not been collected by 10 am by the on- site staff and asking us to chase them, even though the site staff can be contacted by various means of communication- (email, landline with answerphone and a mobile) does make you question why you do the job at all.

A ray of sunshine when praised

When we do receive the accolades and gratitude from the owners, it is pretty much like the first ray of sunshine after a cold winter or for that matter seeing the green shoots where we have implemented our style of management, the MIH way.

If this is from a well-seasoned loss adjustor stating that they knew that a major claim would be completed quickly with us at the helm but admitted that even they could not foresee such a quick conclusion – 6 weeks after the leak. A disaffected Building Manager, who only now feels he has the tools to manage his building proactively or even a “thank you” from an owner who advises the residents meeting that they are “jolly lucky” to have MIH organising meetings and taking works forward.

All of this makes the job worth it and makes me love property management, even if an owner decides to make me the registered keeper of their vehicle without my knowledge, to state his objection to the legal recovery action instigated prior to our taking over the management.

My first ever boss, once said to me that you never get thanks in property management and the only time you hear from clients is when they pay their service charge or to complain. I would hope that MIH is a rarity in the world of property management, in that we often receive thanks, treat all our clients as our partners, and believe that we are only as good as those who are in our team.

If you would like to know about why we truly do love what we do and to find out about our personalised approach to your property, please do get in touch so that we can Make It Happen for you as we have already done for so many of our clients already.

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