What’s in store for MIH in 2018

What’s in store for MIH? Although 2017 has proved to be a positive year, we at MIH are never one to sit on our laurels and already preparing for what 2018 will bring.

New projects, new staff

We start the new year taking on our biggest management so far, over 120 units, and are really relishing the chance to get our teeth stuck in and working with the board to continue their good work and enhance, what we feel is, a great development already.

With this management coming on board, we have also expanded our team and we welcome Liridona to the world of property management with one of our many challenges for 2018 being to train her up to be an accomplished property manager and to love the job as much we do already. We would like to be able to enter her as a candidate for the best newcomer when the time comes.

ARMA Awards

Now that we have been in business for over a year and are continuing to expand we would very much like to put ourselves forward for the highly contested awards that happen every year whether it be the ARMA Ace awards in July 2018 or the News on the Block Awards in December of next year.

We feel that by the time the summer rolls around MIH will be more than eligible to compete in the categories available and even have a good chance of winning. After years of attending Property Management Awards we would like to be in a position to offer our new perspective on property management and win!

Sharing our industry experience

MIH is also hoping to write more articles for our industry publications as we feel our industry knowledge and insight are helpful to anyone involved in property, whether they be in the industry, Directors, Lessees, or Tenants. If anyone has any questions they would like answered we would be happy to respond to these directly too.

Becoming an ARMA member

our biggest and most exciting test for 2018 is becoming a full ARMA Q member. For those who are not familiar with what is required to be an ARMA Q member, you need to be trading for at least two years and adhere to their regulations. With all the recent talk about regulating the industry and the new initiatives spearheaded by Sajid Javid we can only comment that we feel that ARMA Q has proved to be more than a responsible body for this task and very much look forward to being accepted as one of their members.

Continuing to grow

Finally, and perhaps most importantly we hope that MIH will continue to grow in 2018 at the same time as providing invaluable guidance and support to our existing clients. In 2017 we have often been compared to being the next emergency service and will look to continue this trend into 2018 and beyond.

Our modus operandi will always be Make it Happen. We only hope to add to this going forward and look forward to our biggest major works project yet in March, seeing properties come alive from the architect’s drawings and ensuring that we practice what we preach and all our clients, both old and new continue to benefit from the great service that MIH can offer.