Thoughts for 2019

We can’t believe that we are actually saying this, but Welcome to 2019.

A bit like the Queen, MIH celebrates two birthdays, the first being our official incorporation date in November, the second being when we officially took on the management of our first property. Admittedly we took over on the December quarter date but realistically we didn’t start putting our individual MIH stamp on the property until the New Year.

Looking back….

Aside from it being our second anniversary, it is also a chance to see how many of the resolutions we made in 2018 have come true. Unlike the personal resolutions that we make like dry January, joining the gym, or giving up smoking, looking at our blog written on the same day in December last year, the majority have come true – ok we admit we didn’t go in for any awards but everything else we set out to achieve we did!

Growing our team

We have grown exponentially, we have introduced more staff to the world of property management and are proud to see them becoming more accomplished in property management. Perhaps most importantly, we continue to deliver what we consider excellent customer service which is belied by our ever-growing portfolio. Notwithstanding the above, our founder has been interviewed for Doyenne, and has also been asked to contribute to IRPM so we truly do believe that we have achieved our goal in writing for more industry publications.

So, having achieved and exceeded the goals we set for 2018 you may ask what is left for 2019? To be honest, when writing this blog, we wondered too. However, as FDR once said “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort” and MIH pretty much follows this philosophy. So, while the obvious answer to what we want to achieve in 2019 is to continue to grow, for MIH it is also to develop as a company with our focus being on progress.

Full Arma Membership

At the time of posting this, we are proud to say that we have achieved our full ARMA membership having submitted our application at the end of October in line with the original requirements of applying after 2 full years of trading. On this basis, our main focus will be on training our staff both those in property management and those on our accounts side. To our minds, you can never have enough knowledge and MIH will never be complacent about knowing everything about property management – or accounts for that matter before Shauna kicks off.

Training our staff

With our staff being trained and hopefully passing the IRPM qualifications with flying colours, we will also be looking to promote within as we truly believe that the “drill” our staff are put through means that they are ready for anything and can use the benefit of this experience to face the many challenges that Property Managers face. These can be anything from dealing with disaffected Directors to calling Refuse Collectors who deny any responsibility for missed pick-ups of weekly collections. We must admit that the number of emails about the removal of an abandoned fridge, which numbered around 30 in total can sometimes make you question your sanity.

Implementing new technology

We are also looking forward to implementing our new technology which will provide each property owner with access to a website tailored to their individual property. We hope that this innovative technology will ensure that on those rare occasions where MIH are off duty, they will still be able to find what they need.

For MIH, we really do believe that communication is key and despite a founder who openly admits that they are dinosaur where computers are concerned, and would happily pick up a telephone before sending an email, we are keen to ensure that our clients have all relevant access to them at all times. After all, wouldn’t you want to know that the lift is out before doing the weekly shop when you live on the 8th floor!

In the same vein, you will no longer have to wonder whether a repair has been called in or what the status of the repair is- you can log on and find out in a few minutes without having to go through the banalities of conversation. All we can say is Bad Luck Sarah- you are outvoted and you are most definitely a Dinosaur and a T-Rex rather than a Brontosaurus to boot!

Looking forward….

So, with all these new innovations, what does MIH, the company look forward to. As a Company, we will be looking to replicate the success we have had in 2018. We are aiming to grow at the same rate as before while continuing to provide the same level of service we are renowned for.

Reinforcing our accounts department

As part of this commitment, we have already made moves to reinforce our accounts department by recruiting a new accounts assistant Adriana and we are very much looking forward to working with her, despite yet another reconfiguration of our upstairs office in the space of 6 months. Unfortunately, we are thinking this will be a temporary measure and know that the move into the downstairs office is imminent!

Getting value for money

For our clients, 2019 means working harder to obtain the best value for money at the same time as ensuring that there is no reduction in service. We will also be working on multiple major works projects and working with our clients to encourage a long term, practical and workable scheme for the works that will inevitably need to be carried out regardless of the age of the property. As always, our management ethos remains to try and provide a framework for managing the property, a painting by numbers type of management that anyone can understand.

Cementing our position in the property industry

As a footnote, 2018 for us means that we will continue to cement our position in the industry. We will look to continue fighting to improve the reputation of property management in general. We hope our blogs are able to provide an insight into how hard we and many of our contemporaries work to provide the right service to each block. After all, each block is different and has different needs. We hope to continue contributing and commenting on property management in general and to continue promoting MIH as we truly do believe that our uniqueness lies in our ability to Make It happen.

We hope that 2019 proves fortuitous for all as believe it will for MIH and take this opportunity to wish all those who know us and those who don’t yet a Happy Healthy and Prosperous start in 2019.

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