10 Good Reasons to Choose MIH

10 Good Reasons to Choose MIH

If you’re looking for a quality property management agency in London, then you’ll find MIH at the top of the list.

Whether you want a well-maintained and well-run place to live or want to protect and increase your residential or commercial investment, property ownership should be a pleasure and not a burden.


We have compiled some excellent reasons to work with MIH:

  1. Knowledgeable – Over the years we have amassed a veritable mine of information around what we do: legal knowledge, property knowledge, accounting matters, technical building issues, leasehold law, fire and safety, insurance, maintenance, remedial work… you name it, we have the answers.
  2. Experienced – Our team are multi-talented and multi-qualified in all aspects of property management so we are fully equipped to deal with block, residential and commercial property. Collectively we have years of experience behind us, which means that we’ve pretty much come across most situations that you might encounter before. This in turn means that we have already navigated the territory and know what to do, saving time and trouble.
  3. Focused – We are all about you and your business. Because we know the field, we are in a position to guide and advise you confidently and competently. We cut out the background noise and get to the heart of the business to tackle what really matters, efficiently.
  4. Proactive – Once we’ve got to know your building inside out, we create a management strategy which is straightforward, solid and cost-effective. We take the lead and are one step ahead. Our investment in leading-edge systems and software allows us to track all tasks and requirements so that everything is scheduled and under control. So, no unwanted surprises!
  5. Collaborative – We are a part of your team and work with you. Our aim is to maximise your ROI so we listen, we think and we offer creative solutions.
  6. Responsive – We aim to address enquiries in a timely and effective manner to ensure the smooth running of your property portfolio. Got an issue? We will respond quickly and succinctly. We have a pool of trusted resources to help get problems sorted as speedily as possible.
  7. Independent – We are a ‘boutique’ agency rather than a large corporate which means that we can offer a personalised and attentive service. We take an interest in you. You can be sure that you are not just a number.
  8. Agile – Because we are a smaller yet robust outfit, we are light on our feet. We can adapt and respond to demands faster than the larger outfits.
  9. We have integrity – We offer a value for money service, always aim to continually improve our service, are positive and manage relationships with fairness and integrity.
  10. Making things happen … and finally, as per our name ‘MIH’, we Make It Happen. We relish in taking action and bringing things to fruition.

As you can see, we have a sound proposition, a very positive ethos, and a dependable, no nonsense approach. If you’d like to take the next steps and find out more about MIH Property, get in touch with our friendly team…


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