The Notting Hill Carnival Returns!

Residents, are you prepared?

The Notting Hill Carnival is set to return this coming Bank Holiday weekend, August 27th – 29th 2022.

It’s been 3 long years since this colourful and flamboyant festival last graced the streets of West London and we’re looking forward to seeing it return with gusto. Billed as one of the largest and most spectacular carnivals in the World, an amazing audience of 2 million people is expected to participate over the Bank Holiday period.


Saturday afternoon – 27th August 2022
The event kicks off with the UK National Panorama Steelband Competition at Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance Park, on Saturday 27th August 4pm – 12am. Featuring a family-friendly mix of food stalls, bars, large screens, and DJs alongside the upbeat and warm tones of the steel drums.

Sunday – 28th August 2022
Sunday is family day so is not quite as wild as Monday, with the Children’s Parade taking centre stage from 10.30am.

Bank Holiday – Monday 29th August 2022
Monday sees the ‘event proper’ as the Carnival takes to the streets in an exciting flutter of colour, costume and joyful calypso and reggae music in true homage to Caribbean culture. The Carnival usually follows a similar route every year and covers the W10 and W11 streets of London around the Notting Hill, Kensal Road, Ladbroke Grove, Westbourne Park, and Westbourne Grove.

» See the full event line up here

Notting Hill Carnival map

Notting Hill Carnival route 2022

Notting Hill property owners and residents, get ready!

Apart from putting on your glad rags and preparing for a real treat, it’s important to be aware of the restrictions that come into force. You can download the official Notting Hill Event Guide here to get the full picture.

Road closures

To facilitate the Carnival, roads will be closed, so make sure your au-fait with the plan as they are strict and enforced – even if you are a resident.

Notting Hill Carnival guide

Parking restrictions

Only carnival floats, pre-authorised event vehicles and emergency vehicles will be allowed into the area.

  • residents should remove vehicles from carnival area by 6am on Sunday 28 August, or the night before if possible (of great help to the police)
  • there is no overnight access for vehicles
  • the police will be checking all vehicles entering the area and surrounding streets and vehicles without accreditation will not gain access
  • subject to police decision, road closures occur until 6am on Tuesday, please leave it as late as possible before driving back into the area

You can see complete list of roads closed at the government Westminster website.

Notting Hill Houses

Making the most of the opportunity

As a resident, not only will you have easy access to the event and all the wonderful food stalls that will be populating the area, you can dip in an out at will. Yet historically some residents have found it overwhelming, preferring to retreat or even board-up their property to protect it from the masses.

Whatever your approach, we have come across a whole range of creative and rather interesting solutions to tackling, and indeed engaging, the onslaught of visitors*:

  1. Rent your spare room
    As you’re in pole-position, why not capitalise on the convenience and rent your spare room to a high-calibre visitor. Websites such as Airbnb and Travelstay make this a viable option and premiums are attractive.
  2. Provide a convenience
    Believe it or not, we have known a clever resident rent out his downstairs loo for visitors on the hop. As we all know, portaloos can be far from appealing, so a clean, fully functioning convenience is a potential goldmine for the enterprising.
  3. Set up a stall in your front garden
    Got a little patch out front? Then you could sell ice cream like one of our cool colleagues. It’s been more than a little hot recently and a nice cold drink or Cornetto is exactly what’s needed. You’ll be on fire!!
  4. Baton down the hatches!
    However, it is sometimes the case, that if you’re directly in the Carnival path, then ducking for cover is the preferred option. If so, there are plenty of services offering temporary boarding and security if you’re one of the concerned.

Whatever your carnival ‘style’, we hope you enjoy the weekend and the vibrancy and vitality of this wonderful cultural phenomenon.

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*As always, if you’re a tenant do check out the terms of your lease, and be sure to treat your property with respect.

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Notting Hill Carnival