So this is Christmas….2018

It’s Christmas. In November of this year we completed our second year of trading and for us at MIH, it was a time to review our 2018 so far. However, we think that perhaps our blog may have been slightly premature as there has been so much more to our 2018 than just our expansion.

Too early for 2019 goals

We still believe that it is too early to think about what we would like to achieve in 2019 as with just under a month left of the year we have two properties coming on board in December including another Flagship property and a stack of enquiries piling up for next year. We have barely been able to keep on our feet on the ground let alone think about what’s to come. In addition, as 2019 will bring our founder closer to her Silver Centenary in Property Management, and she is slightly sensitive about her age, we are all trying to keep quiet about it.

So, what does the Festive Season mean for MIH? A well-deserved rest!

2018 and getting the right team in place

We close out 2018 with a portfolio that has grown exponentially, however the real growth has been in our team and the knowledge that we have shared. For most of the staff at MIH, Property Management is a new industry, and this is what our founder wanted. When recruiting staff for MIH, Sarah was looking for people who had experience of customer service at a high level, but more importantly staff who were enthusiastic, passionate and would be truly dedicated to “Making it Happen.”

As a relative newcomer in the business of property management, and only in our second year of trading, it was imperative that the staff understood the ethos of the company and wanted to contribute to it. Thankfully, this mold appears to have worked and Sharan will be celebrating her first full year with MIH in early 2019.

We have also been lucky enough to welcome Nicola Stevens, who Sarah has worked with previously, to the Property Management Team and whose experience has served to enhance the management experience that MIH can give. This coupled with a strong accounts department, headed up by Shauna Rubins, who like all MIH team members goes above and beyond (her commitment to excellence in property management is belied by her achieving her AIRPM qualification this year) truly means that MIH can not only continue to provide a high-level service but can strive towards what we consider “excellent” service.

Having a great team, who are all happy to pitch in and help each other, may have meant that a problem shared is a problem halved but it has also led to the team becoming even more determined to get things right from the get-go! This pretty much encapsulates the MIH philosophy but does mean that the team fire on all cylinders and therefore Christmas 2018 will be about recharging the batteries and re- aligning Chakras – probably by way of lots of festive eating and drinking. Having already attended the News on the Block Awards this year, we are all looking forward to our festive lunch.

ARMA membership on the horizon

At the risk of sounding too pious, 2018 really has been a year where our “cup runneth over” but for us the true icing on the cake, or if you are the grand old age of our founder, the flake on your 99-ice cream is obtaining full ARMA Membership. Fingers crossed for what would truly be a great start to our 2019 and what will hopefully be our best year yet!

Finally, we take this opportunity to wish everyone who knows us, a very happy Festive season and a joyful, exciting and prosperous 2019.

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