New Year, New Decade, New MIH – Not Quite

New Year, New Decade, New MIH – Not Quite

At a time of year when most people are detoxing and trying to recover from a period of abundance, MIH as always appears to be bucking the trend and are busy in the process of siphoning through management information in order to set up our new properties.

Having re-read that paragraph, we think that perhaps we are doing our own detox as we disseminate information received- which in several cases is not as good as we had hoped –pinpoint the relevant information and then in our usual inimitable fashion, hit the ground running in our usual MIH way.

Although MIH is not looking to collectively shed weight or do dry January – pity those in the office who are not and have to deal with those staff members who are trying to do both- we have been reflecting over the break and putting in our own goals for both the New Year and the decade.

Strengthening our accounting service

For MIH, are very much hoping that we will be emulating the roaring twenties and having welcomed our newest MIHer in December, welcome baby Ezra, we are also welcoming a new member of staff to our accounts team in mid-January with the intention of reinforcing and strengthening our accounting service and ensuring it is on a par with our property management side. It is worth looking out for some of the new initiatives that we will be looking to put in place for the accounts department alone.

Welcoming back our property manager Nicola

February also sees the return of Nicola Stevens from maternity and aside from lots of baby talk in the office we are very much looking forward to her taking the helm again for her properties. After receiving the accolade of being the best property manager in 11 years from one of our clients, we know that our clients are just as excited at the prospect of her return. That isn’t to say that Joe, who has been a caretaker manager in her absence hasn’t done a fine job and we take this opportunity to thank him for that.

IRPM qualifications and upskilling

With a full complement of staff, the world for MIH is truly our oyster, and early 2020 will see many of our staff taking their IRPM qualifications as it is the intention or MIH to ensure that aside from “on the tools experience”, our staff are all formally qualified. We feel that this is particularly important with the ever-changing legislation that we are required to deal with as a property management company.

Tech’ing up

2020 will also find us reviewing our services and seeing how we can improve on these, unfortunately, the rollout of client websites/portals has been delayed from last year but we are confident that they will be live imminently. This leap in technology will also see MIH reviewing our own website, as we want to ensure that it is user friendly and customer-focused, and can act as a reference tool for not only our clients but our non-clients too. It will also hopefully be more interactive with clients being able to “put a face to a name”.

As is to be expected, with both a new year and a new decade, it is the aim of MIH to continue to expand and take on even more clients. 2019 heralded the end of MIH being considered a start-up and the beginning of 2020 saw MIH climb another rung up the ladder, our company is now no longer entitled a small-sized business.

Promoting within and providing the best service

Notwithstanding this, we have no plans to become a corporate entity and will continue to provide the individual and personalised service that MIH is known for. Although we are committed to promoting from within, we will also be looking to take on new staff as the business grows but as with everything in MIH, this will be staggered and will involve ensuring that any new staff member is as committed to the MIH ethos as we all are.

So, with new technology, new clients, and new staff in the pipeline, the new year and new decade are already shaping up to be busy. However, in the same way, that time doesn’t stand still nor does space. So, while we are tied up onboarding our new clients and properties, our founder’s time will be taken up with the expansion to our offices, particularly the decorations. Again, watch this space as we should have some exciting news about this in the coming months.

As a blog about a New Year this has focused on MIH however we are well aware of the raft of legislation that faces our industry and property management in general and this year and our blogs over the coming months will address these as well as some of the common issues we face.

We think that all remains for us is to take this opportunity to wish all those reading this and our current and prospective clients a happy healthy and prosperous new year. We look forward to sharing 2020 with you.

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