New Shoots, Growth and MIH for your property

Growth for your property. As a change of pace and on the basis that MIH sometimes seems to be “all mouth and no trousers” we thought we would put our “money where our mouth is” and actually provide some pictorial evidence of what actually do.

Our property in Wimbledon

As we are coming up to the anniversary of our management of a property in Wimbledon (at time of writing we have managed it one year and a day) we thought we would include with this blog the result of a gardening project we have undertaken.

Last year, when we first met with the Board, they expressed their frustrations at living at a property where nothing ever got done and where they seemed to be more active as unpaid directors than the paid managing agents.

Since taking over that has all changed and in our usual matter of fact fashion, we looked to wholly take over the management, albeit keeping the Board informed of what we were doing. Our first task was to review all contracts and see which ones were working and which ones weren’t and obviously and most importantly ensure that all were value for money.

Our short-term goals for the property

Once we had sorted through these and changing contractors where appropriate we undertook our short term, medium-term and long-term review. In the short term, we identified those areas of the property that were in need of a little TLC and started with small jobs like re-varnishing the gates, new door furniture, better signage and clearing of the honeysuckle and ivy that had overtaken the garden.

At the same time, we also looked to rationalise the security arrangements at the property with an installation of a bike rack, new front door locks, a new entry phone system and new mailboxes. We also took the MIH pragmatic approach to access. Previously there had been a plethora of invoices for abortive call-outs. No longer could the excuse of lack of access be use with the newly installed tradesmen buttons we put in place.

The medium-term plans

Our medium-term plans have been released with the new garden planting, which really does seem to signify the green shoots of growth at the property and with the picture of the recently installed bench so our clients can enjoy the fruits of the gardeners labours and really see the results of what their service charge money is being spent on.

When we took over, the Board has initiated and managed a windows installation project. They were keen to build on the works that they completed on the exterior and we are now looking at the longer terms aspect of works to the exterior, including the rebuilding and replacement of the boundaries walls now that essential tree works have been carried out and the repaving of the communal areas.

Exterior and interior areas

With works to the exterior either complete or in progress we are looking to refurbish the interior of the properties, including the lifts, the carpets and the repainting and at our suggestion we are also looking at the lighting. For us the lighting is everything and to our minds, this like the management of MIH can transform your property into a place which is desirable to live in and releases its value. A win-win situation for both owner-occupiers and those investments owners.

As a final point it is worth noting that all of these works have been undertaken as part of a relatively modest budget. For those works which fall outside of service charge have been factored into a budgeted long-term maintenance plan issued to all owners so that all owners know what they are paying towards and can have a say in the same.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy looking at the gardens as much as we do, for MIH it truly is a visual representation of how we can make over your property.

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