MIH – the door is open

Why clients who leave come back!

At MIH we’re known for our straight-talking, no-nonsense management style. There’s no doubt we’re direct but for very good reason: we are honest, skilled in our field, and we provide the information and services that you need – without any flannel – so you have clarity and confidence.

We’re here to help you

We’re completely focused on making your life easier – unlike any other property management company you’ve ever encountered before. We’re not part of a chain and therefore not bound up in the hierarchy and administration of some of the bigger service providers out there. Because we have a potentially smaller – but very connected – team, we are able to be proactive and fast.

In fact our Senior Management Team has over 90 years of combined experience and are all involved in the day to day running of the business. This means that there is always a Senior staff member on hand to advise and support the wider team and bring their knowledge to bear.

We take an interest in you and your business/investment, and we listen to you. We discuss, plan and action creative solutions quickly.

Service for the lifespan

Our clients come to appreciate and trust our approach, and the fact that we are responsive and helpful when you need professional input and guidance. However from time to time we do have to say goodbye to one or two. We value our customers, so each departure is individually reviewed and assessed to understand the reasons. Sometimes it’s simply that a client has decided to retire or sell their portfolio, but sometimes it’s because the client believes that they can get a better service elsewhere.

Listening and learning

We are always ready to listen. It may be that there is a requirement that you need that you believe we can’t service. In this instance we would say ­– try us – not all clients are fully aware of what we can offer. Or it may be that there has been an issue that has not found the level of resolution that you would like. We are open to discussion, ready to look to accommodate your requests, or willing to revisit a situation that has not been concluded to your satisfaction. We are confident that we can find the best feasible outcome. So if you were thinking of going elsewhere, we invite you to talk to us first.

Many happy returns

Whilst it’s sad to say goodbye – and also an opportunity for us to take stock of our ethos and values – we are also very gratified when a client returns. We recently had one such case when a client of several years left because their business was growing and they felt that they needed a larger management company to cope with their affairs. We were very happy when, after going to another provider, they subsequently knocked on our door again. Like many of our returning clients, they discovered that bigger isn’t necessarily better. We are now pleased to be accommodating them with our same high standards of service, as they continue to grow.

Likewise we have had block management clients find their way back after experiencing the effects of other service providers. Block management is a particular skill and requires diligence, diplomacy and good boundaries when communicating with the many different characters that cohabit under one roof. It’s inevitably difficult to please all of the people all of the time, but we have a track record for both keeping the peace whilst maintaining your property to the agreed level.

You’re welcome!

So the purpose of this article is twofold:

  1. If you were at any point considering going, please do talk to us first to see if we can provide what you think you need. You may well be surprised.
  2. If you have chosen another provider only to find that, by comparison, MIH are better than you realised and you’d like to return, then give us a call. If we think we can resume a good working partnership that is beneficial to all, then the door is very much open.