MIH and 2021

When we wrote our Christmas blog, we didn’t realise that another Lockdown was only around the corner so when writing our blog for 2021 we didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. With the announcement of the National Lockdown on our first day back at work, we think that it is fortuitous that this time around we decided to wait a little while to see what happened.

Our new offices

So, our first goal of 2021 was to organize our new office or should we say offices. We are pleased to advise that that goal has been achieved. We moved or shall we say inhabited our satellite office in Paddington on the 4th January 2021. Although all our staff are home-based and have full access to all our systems from there, the benefit of knowing that we have another place to escape to when working from home gets a little too much is invaluable.

With one location sorted, we are pleased to advise that our main office in London Bridge is due to be signed on any day and when restrictions loosen, you will find our accounts staff and most of our team in Southwark Street Office. Although if we are honest, it is likely you might find them in the burger joint of the same name downstairs. Our Founder’s brain is already in overdrive thinking about furniture and decorations and perhaps most importantly the Coffee Machine.

Although the basis of taking two offices was to ensure that some of our staff were minimizing their travel time and travel methods, it was also to ensure that we could be within a short distance of all properties that fall within the distinct catchment areas. With staff and clients being our priority, we are delighted that our staff appreciates our rationale and that clients who joined MIH in the latter months of 2020 and those who ostensibly became MIHers in January of this year are already beginning to see the benefits of their decision to change.

Now that the office situation is organised (bar the furniture) the moving vans ready to be fired up and our new management settling in we can focus on what the next few months mean for MIH. Usually, we would consider what we want to achieve in the whole year but with the current uncertainty we are trying to be a little more measured in our thinking, or at least for the moment.

Getting back to normal

For everyone, the most important development for the next few months is the ending of COVID so that we can start getting our lives back. For MIH, this will mean we can get back into the office and enjoy the camaraderie that we miss so much and which was so evident when we met before the London lockdown. We will be looking to consolidate those strong ties that mean so much to us as a team and make MIH such a unique company to work for and with.

Building up our infrastructure

With the knowledge that the team will be fully back together again soon, our resources will once again be pooled. Thereafter, we will be building upon the infrastructure that is so important to MIH.

We want to ensure that any MIHer has the training, resources and support to find a solution to anything that may crop up. This year will be all about refining and crystallizing our processes and procedures so that our PMs can focus on what is most important, our clients and our properties and ultimately their own development. As Mark Twain said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This is definitely how we would like all MIHers to feel.

Looking after clients

We will continue to look after our existing portfolio of clients and work hard to maintain the individual and bespoke service that MIH is known for. As with any business we are hoping to grow our portfolio but want to do so strategically.

What remains most important to MIH is working with collaborative clients who are like-minded and share the same aspirations and values as we do for their homes or their investment properties.

Getting to grips with IT

The final building block which we will be focusing on in the early part of this year is our IT and the various systems we use in our business.
We are determined to make sure that the information we provide to our clients is useful, practical and provides them with the tools that they need to make short, medium, and long-term decisions to maintain the value and structural integrity of their property. Having received glowing feedback from a new client about the information we had provided in advance of our first management meeting, we know how important our reporting is and want to make sure that in 2021 this is second to none.

Having said that we were going to try and avoid looking too far into the future, reading this blog back, we seemed to have failed miserably in this task. However, we cannot help our natural optimism and enthusiasm and it is this what truly makes MIH unique and why so many of our clients continue to work with us and/or join us.

In conclusion, MIH are confident that 2021 will be a positive year for all and look forward to happier times for all.

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