Looking for a change of property management agency?

If you’re sensing that your current agency isn’t providing the level of service that you need, it could well be time for change.


Whilst it may feel daunting to consider a change of managing agent, especially in the case of large residential blocks, it doesn’t have to be as difficult or problematic as you might imagine. The key is to identify all applicable elements of the process and create a route map to guide the way. In this way you can plan the transition and ensure that there are: a) no nasty surprises, and b) greatly improve the chances of avoiding unforeseen pitfalls.

But first, we’d ask the question:

“In what way is the current agent failing to meet your needs?”

This is almost always the place to begin. If you’re not getting the service you need, what is missing, what isn’t working, what is causing the greatest headaches? Same approach – same result is a frequently heard maxim, hence identifying the pain points and discovering new solutions, (with our help), can open the door to a change for the better. Much better. MIH have so much prior experience in these matters and can provide fresh eyes and a fresh approach.


We begin with information gathering to really get under the bonnet and explore the current situation, visit the premises, meet the people and understand the immediate issues.

The management change checklist:

  • Finances and funds management
  • Leaseholds and contracts
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Other service providers
  • General maintenance
  • Repairs and renovation plans
  • Meet the stakeholders
  • Establish relationships
  • Get ready for change
  • Effective communication
  • The agency handover
  • Verification and confirmation


MIH is ARMA registered and for good reason. ARMA provides a robust charter and a set of tenets that matches our own.
Here’s the most recent edition of the charter.


The Consumer Charter and Standards are a milestone for consumer protection in the residential leasehold sector. Membership of ARMA is voluntary so managing agents who join ARMA are showing a clear commitment to providing the best customer service and operating to the highest possible standards.

In other words, we have strong principles, and we live by them. This is one of the abiding foundations of our success and this is what we bring to our properties unequivocally.

In fact, some landlords have never experienced ‘good property management’ so the MIH way is an eye-opener and the beginning of a new era in making things happen, getting things done and generally experiencing less stress all round.


With a solid track record behind us, we’re known for being straight-talking and pragmatic. You know where you stand, the phones are answered, we’re multi-skilled, we take the initiative, and we believe you’ll be glad that you made the change.

We invite you to take the first steps by giving us a call and sharing your situation with our team.

Call 020 3637 7968 or email info@mihproperty.co.uk
– our door is always open.