Let the garden in!

Creative ideas to bring some greenery to London flat living

Step into a garden on a sunny morning and you immediately feel both calmer and more invigorated – nothing beats a coffee and croissant in the early open air. Or, later in the day, a glass of prosecco with friends as you unwind after work. All are enhanced by a touch of greenery, a trellis or terracotta pot  – just a few nods to the garden can put you in the right frame of mind and make a world of difference.


What to do when space is restricted

Living, and potentially renting in London, often means that personal outdoor space is scarce and may be restricted to a balcony or even a windowsill. But with a little creativity, you can bring the garden indoors and create a small haven of greenery that will brighten up your life.

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Windowsill garden ideas - MIH property management

The windowsill garden

Minimalist it may be, but some carefully chosen easy-care indoor plants in attractive pots are a great way to add a sense of the garden to your home. Miniature variegated ivy and air purifying plants such as Areca Dypsis, the Spider Plant, Spoon Plant and Splenium ‘Cripsy Wave’ are ideal. It may also be possible to position some outside on your window ledge, (but be sure to anchor them in some way to ensure they don’t slide off in the wind!)

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The lounge garden

Bring the garden into your living space by creating a collection of plants arranged together with attention to pots and stands to make a pleasing array of greenery. Floor based ferns create height and soften hard lines, shelves and wooden console tables are a great way to add more surfaces to house your plants. Look for indoor plants with different colour foliage and shapes and sizes, such as the Areca Palm, Bird of Paradise, Swiss Cheese Plant, Peace Lily, Leopard Lily and Variegated Nerve Plant. Pull up your favourite chair, open a window and let in the breeze and your flat-garden experience is complete.

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The balcony garden

A balcony is the perfect opportunity to create a little haven. A small table and folding chairs provide a place to sit and sip, or read a book. A trellis can create a division if neighbours are close by whilst still allowing light through. Use planters and different heights of pots to create an area of varied foliage, colour and texture. Hanging baskets are another opportunity for a attractive floral display with plants gently spilling over.

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The rooftop garden

A rooftop apartment space offers opportunities for outdoor seating and dining. Additions such as outdoor rugs, trellis work, planters, parasols and lighting can create a wonderful ambience in bright sunshine or evening twilight, and provide protection from light drizzle and variable UK weather conditions.

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The Courtyard garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a small garden with your rental property a great deal can be achieved in this outdoor space. It’s important to establish the direction of sunlight so you can choose plants that will thrive. A south facing garden will receive direct sunlight, whilst a north facing garden will receive less light and favour shade-loving plants.

Once again, use pots and hanging baskets to make a great wraparound display of colour and foliage. You could consider planting herbs for your kitchen too. Rustic furniture, cushions, candles and lanterns add a cosy homely quality. Pop open a bottle of bubbly and relax!

Things to bear in mind as a tenant

  1. Protect your property by placing plates or trays under pots so water doesn’t seep through onto windowsills or floors.
  2. Ask your Landlord before doing anything at scale. A few pots are probably fine but do check before installing larger planters and anything remotely structural.
  3. Ensure all items are portable as you’ll likely be asked to remove them when you vacate the property – unless the Landlord appreciates your additions.
  4. Safety first! Ensure any outside pots are secure and cannot fall from a balcony or roof onto pedestrians below.
  5. Also, be careful when watering that you are not giving your neighbour below an unexpected shower!

Happy planting and we hope enjoy your garden spaces!


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