Introducing Daiva, MIH’s Accountant

Have you always been interested in being a property management accountant?

As someone who is trilingual, I can sometimes be forgiven for getting confused as to what language I should be writing or speaking in and perhaps this is where my passion for accounting began as there is no getting confused about numbers. They are a universal language of their own.

I always enjoyed accounting but I have never specialised in a certain area. In fact, my current position at MIH is the first time I have worked in the property management industry.

What kind of accountancy did you do before?

I was working in the accounting team in a UK market-leading IT hardware reseller so something completely different from what I am doing now.

What do you like most about your job?

I like the fact that every day brings something different and that I am constantly learning and evolving. The diversity of tasks involved in property management, from service charge collection to year end accounts is vast and I enjoy being involved in all of the different aspects.

What don’t you like about your job?

As an accountant, the repetitiveness of the tasks can sometimes become a little boring. I don’t particularly enjoy this aspect as it removes the feeling of being able to work on something different every so often. However, property management does add a degree of diversity (different properties to work on etc) that reduces the amount of repetition.

How was the transition from stay at home mum to working for MIH? Have there been any challenges?

The challenges have been less than expected, mainly because I was actively working as much as possible while at home. I don’t like being unoccupied and undertook a variety of freelancing jobs, ranging from online marketing to personal accounting. I believe that because of the range of jobs it helped with fitting into MIH and what was effectively a start-up when I joined.

What technology do you use as part of our job and what are the benefits for clients?

Although we all have access to the various technology at MIH, the main software I use is QUBE/MRI. As this is our main platform it’s something that helps everyone work together and ensures that we are all involved in the business together. I think it’s main benefit is having all the needed information centralized in one place: properties, expenditures, suppliers, various reports, etc.

What do you like about the Property Management industry?

As before being an accountant can be a little tedious so property management adds a bit of diversity to my daily job, having to work through accounts of different properties or service payments that change based on what happens on a certain week. I am also constantly learning and this keeps everything fresh.

What do you consider as good property management accounting?

As a company we are about making it happen and I think it is important that the accounts department support the property management team by making the management smoother. We can do this by ensuring payments are done on time, both in terms of service charge collection and paying suppliers. Being proactive means that any problem can be addressed instantly without any financial concerns.

What do you think of MIH as a company?

Although I haven’t worked at any other property management companies, I believe that MIH offers premium service with a family-owned attitude. At least that is how I would summarize it. Everyone in the team is friendly and always tries to offer the best possible service to clients. It’s not often you find such premium service and attitude in the same company.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I was a Management Accountant before moving to London and that’s where I would ultimately like see myself in the future, leading an accounting team of my own at MIH where I can be responsible for the structure and optimize the team for maximum performance – Richard and Anne better watch out!

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