Spring Garden Maintenance

Block and residential management contracts frequently include garden maintenance where the property has grounds or areas of shrubs, hedges, trees, or ornamental borders.

Spring tasks

With Easter just around the corner, now is the time to come out of hibernation and resume garden care. The increase in temperature precipitated by the passage from March to April means that the grass is beginning to grow again, the daffodils are blooming, tulips are on their way and the blossom trees are replete with flowers.

It’s a welcome sight for many and means that our teams of garden contractors are ready to schedule seasonal tasks:

  • Lawn mowing and lawn re-sowing
  • Edge trimming
  • Selective pruning of shrubs and roses
  • Preparation of ornamental beds
  • Hedge clipping
  • Division of perennials
  • Sowing of seeds
  • Rejuvenation of water features
  • Sweeping of fallen leaves
  • Jet washing of paths and patios
  • Repair of brickwork and hard landscaping
  • Weeding and raking
  • General tidying up
  • Planning of planting schemes
  • New development projects
 Spring Garden Maintenance
 Spring Garden Maintenance

Whatever the requirements…

We apply the appropriate attention to each block’s requirements as detailed in the maintenance contract. Sometimes it’s the management of small areas of shrubs, shared or courtyard spaces, or window boxes and hanging baskets. In other locations there are more extensive grounds to attend to requiring lawn mowing, hedge trimming and more comprehensive care.

We can manage hard landscaping needs from new developments such as pergolas, seating or patio areas and raised planters, to help maximise the impact and usability of external areas. Or attend to any remedial work such as loose flagstones or brickwork which could present a hazard. After a particularly cold and frosty winter, it’s not uncommon to find that some brickwork has split apart or degraded. Now is the time to attend to any winter damage ready for spring/summer user. Similarly, you may have woodwork that needs attention from general cleaning and sanding to a new coat of preservative or stain.

In each case we will ensure that work is carried out in an orderly fashion and will aim to make the best of each space. Where consultation with the owners or tenants is needed, we can organise the necessary communications and meetings to facilitate decision making.

garden pruning
garden maintenence

Gardens matter

Garden spaces and greenery are an important part of our living environment, especially in Greater London and the city where planting and foliage can be scarce. Planting softens the landscape and entices wildlife, birds and butterflies into our lives. Patios and communal areas can be an essential escape for those living in flats as well as a place for socialising and getting to know the neighbours. Gardens bring an important dimension to our wellbeing and are proven to be beneficial to health, no matter how big or small.

Working with MIH

It’s important to respect these areas as much as our individual homes. MIH Property Management are here to take care of your garden maintenance with the same diligence that we apply to caring for your property.

Wishing you a very Happy Easter!