Celebrating 6 years

In November this year, MIH celebrates 6 years of leading the field in London Property Management

MIH Property Management was founded by owner, Sarah Fisher, in 2016 with the intention of bringing positive change to the world of property management. Taking her knowledge of working across all aspects of Property Management, Sarah identified ways she could improve the standard methods of working, and set about creating a better Property Management experience.

We interviewed Sarah to discover ‘the power of 6’.


What changes did you make to ensure that the MIH is different?

We believe that we have changed our clients’ view of managing agents and proved that as an industry we can work collaboratively with our clients to achieve a favourable result for everyone. Our focus is ensuring that our clients’ properties are compliant with the latest legislation at a reasonable cost and that we continue to maintain and enhance the properties via our careful management.

I recall an old employer saying that Managing Agents should be considered alongside emergency services and although I think this may be a little too much, I do like to think that our clients feel that they can contact us when they need help, and that we are responsive and ready to assist.


How does that make life better/easier for your clients?

When we take on clients, we always try to find out what was wrong previously. Invariably it is a lack of communication and MIH works hard to try and achieve the right level of communication so that clients feel they have a support system but don’t feel suffocated by constant correspondence. It was our dream that our clients would feel that they have sufficient information to make an informed decision in respect of their properties and I believe that we have achieved this.


How has the property landscape changed since you started the company?

Besides navigating the ups and downs of Brexit, and of course the pandemic, the landscape is constantly changing which demands that we are observant, agile, and able to adjust to the fluctuations.

But in particular, Health and Safety has moved to the forefront of management – and with good reason. With the Building Safety Act being enacted we are focused on making sure our clients understand their obligations in respect of this and helping them through this transitional stage.


How has MIH evolved?

For a business that started on a dining room table with me and a part-time accountant, we are now spread across two offices and are about to take on our 18th member of staff.

In terms of staff, we aim to promote from within and are also proud to have four members of staff who came to us through the apprenticeship scheme and two have now completed their qualifications. We can also boast a very stable senior team and are immensely proud of their achievements and development.


What’s the best thing you’ve done or achieved?

Creating a team who are focused on providing a high level of service and who want to follow the founding principles and ethos of MIH. We are all committed to finding solutions and developing our knowledge within the industry and outside of it to make sure we are the most well-rounded and astute property managers in the industry.

Highlights of the last 6 years?

Retaining our original clients and taking on larger clients, our staff completing various levels of education in the industry, taking on our second office and creating a positive, collaborative team who know how to work hard and more importantly how to play hard – we are all looking forward to our Christmas Party!


What’s on the horizon in these difficult times?

Working with our clients to implement the new Building Safety Legislation and continuing to enhance their properties through our diligence and careful management.

It is our goal to make sure that we work closely with our clients to keep costs down while maintaining the same service levels. It will be challenging with rising energy prices and inflation, but we will do our darndest to try.

We pride ourselves on our indefatigable spirit.

What are you looking forward to?

  • Summer after some cold and rainy nights.
  • The new technical innovations we are introducing via QUBE software.
  • The continuing development of our staff – we hope that all our staff will have some level of qualification by the end of next year, and to continue enjoying what we do.
  • We are lucky to work in an industry where no two days are the same and it keeps our days interesting.

So many good reasons to celebrate!

If you’d like to find out more about how you and MIH can work together:

call 020 3637 7968 or email info@mihproperty.co.uk for more information