Who we are

Whether you want a well-maintained and well-run place to live, or want to protect and increase your residential or commercial investment, property ownership should be a pleasure and not a burden.


  1. We get it, and that’s why we’re completely focused on making your life easier – unlike any other property management company you’ve ever encountered before. 
  2. We’re proactive and fast. We spot potential issues before they arise and will listen to you, discuss, plan and action creative solutions quickly.
  3. We’re here to help you. We work collaboratively with our owners, freeholders, lessees and suppliers. You’ll trust us to get on with it because you know we’ll always make the right call. 
  4. We’re on your side. Property management is more about people than buildings. That’s why we’re always direct and pride ourselves on offering creative solutions which mean your building can meet its full potential. 
  5. We’re protecting your investment. We know you want to be proud of where you live, and to protect your investment, so those are our goals too.
  6. We’re independent. We’re human beings, not corporate drones, and we won’t make you pay for our snazzy presentations or branded vehicles. At MIH, we don’t need to dazzle you with unimportant distractions. We prefer to concentrate on delivering a superior service, day after day after day.

How we work

We work quickly, decisively and proactively from day one so we can give you the best service possible.

Initially our property review covers a range of topics from supplier contracts to potential building works. Once we’ve got to know your building inside out, we create a management strategy which is straightforward, robust and cost-effective. If you’ve used another property management company before this will come as a very pleasant surprise.

When it comes to negotiating tenancies and navigating leases we work through all issues with a creative and can-do attitude. Building and enhancement work comes with a realistic budget used wisely. We spend your money as carefully as we would spend our own. 

As you’d expect, all our suppliers and associates are as professional, reliable and customer focused as we are. We won’t rest until you’re happy, and neither will they. 

Every day, we do what we say we’re going to do. It’s as simple as that. After all, that’s why we are called MIH – Make It Happen.

Why Choose Us?

We have the wisdom and knowledge gained from years of experience in the industry. We’ve been there, done that and worn the T shirt. But we’re open minded to new tech, to learning, to growing and to doing a better job every day.

  1. We listen. We want to make you happy but we’re not people pleasers.
  2. We’re fair and truthful and always suggest what’s best for the building rather than any individual within it. 
  3. We won’t patronise you, treat you like a number or make you feel like you are interrupting our lunchtime sandwich when you call us. Instead, you’ll feel good about working with us, will know we have your back, and you’ll end our chats with a smile on your face. Choose us and your building will be in safe hands.

Our Values

Unlike our competitors, our values are more than a box-ticking marketing exercise. 

We offer a value for money service, always aim to continually improve our service, are positive and collaborative and manage relationships with fairness and integrity. 

Our clients agree and you will too.

Our History

Sarah Fisher founded MIH in 2016 with one member of staff and a desire to make changes in the world of property management.

Our team has now grown to include 18 people, and our clients remain delighted with our friendly professional approach and outstanding levels of communication.

See for yourself!

Our Technology

We use technology to underpin our management tasks, make your life easier and deliver what you need.  That’s why we invested in Qube, an award-winning property management software solution. And that’s why we’re shortly launching a full tech review. 

MIH in a nutshell? Decision, strategy, execution – and always striving to do better.

Some shocking news for you

If you’ve worked with other property management companies before, this may shock you – so brace yourself: during our published office hours, we answer the phone and we answer emails. Even if we’re on site, we’re always accessible during office hours – pandemic or no pandemic. 

You will never, and we mean never, hear a team member giving excuses why they haven’t returned your phone call, or replied to an email. MIH stands for Make It Happen, and that’s what we do.

The Power of Teamwork

Every MIH team member is fully equipped to work both from home and from the office during office hours. We all have full access to the MIH system, so whoever you talk to will be immediately in the picture – wherever they are. Whether we’re working from home, in the office or out on site visits, we work seamlessly together to make your life easier.

Our Charity

Every year we support a charity which is close to our hearts. This year, we’ve chosen Endometriosis UK, to support Rebekah – a family member of one of our team.

Here’s Rebekah’s story 

ARMA (The Association of Residential Managing Agents) ARMA is the leading self-regulated professional body for residential managing agents in England & Wales, and we’ve been members since we were able to join. 

Here’s why it was so important to us to join – and why we remain proud of our ARMA membership

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