A Refreshing Approach to Block Management

Ready for a change or looking for a new block management partner? Then, look no further than MIH Property Management.

We really are different

We have no qualms in declaring ourselves different! Most people who have experienced the ins and outs of block management find it time-consuming and difficult to keep on top of, but that’s why we’re here.

What we bring to the table

We offer a comprehensive wraparound service based on experience and expertise in the field covering:


Proactive, agile and responsive

It is always good to have a fresh pair of eyes and as a smaller management company MIH can provide a more personalised service, looking to work in collaboration with your board to achieve the best results for your building.

This can be as simple as reviewing day to day contracts, offering alternatives or negotiating with existing suppliers for the building’s benefit, or preparing and implementing a long-term future maintenance plan – or something as complex as navigating applications to the BSF and the legislation surrounding the same.

Making change easy

Changing management agents is undoubtedly complicated, it’s like changing your utility supplier on a grand scale, but in this case there isn’t something like Uswitch to automate the process. Fortunately, not only can MIH ensure a seamless transfer we will keep you posted every step of the way including essential updates on your financial position.

Protecting your investment. Building a sense of community.

MIH’s promise

In the hands of our capable team, your building will be well managed, things will get done in an organised and timely fashion and communication will be clear and responsive. MIH’s involvement provides peace of mind for you and reassurance for your tenants. Read more about our service here

As a company we espouse a team approach, and we will do the same for you as our clients. You can pick up the phone at any point and feel confident in the knowledge that you know exactly where you are, and who you are dealing with.

To start the conversation and tell us about your Block Management challenges and the changes you’d like to see, call 020 3637 7968

See our client and peer reviews for proof:

It's been a great pleasure knowing you. You really helped us out and made such a radical change to the way the building is run.

Stan S, W2

Thank you so much for the great news, we highly appreciate the efficiency and professionalism of MIH Property Management Limited.

Lina S, W2

Wow!! That was quick, and as I said to my colleague this is the best money we could ever spend on a handbook, as it would have taken us a lot longer to try and put this together!

Per G, W2

Our thanks for dealing with this so promptly. It is within budget.  Well done you.  An extra ‘well done’ too for a successful reinstatement of the insurance cover.

Davina J, Thames Reach W6

I would like to compliment you for the hire of Mehreen. She is an absolute joy to work with. This has been a great addition to your team!

Pers G, W2