7 Years and still going strong

As MIH reaches 7 years of age, we reflect on the distance we have travelled and consider the road ahead.

New for 2023

It’s been a busy year and we’ve marked our progress with another office move, to an elegant location at the foot of the iconic London landmark, The Shard. Not too far from our previous Southwark base, this move delivers a more functional and enjoyable working environment, whilst giving us room to grow. You can read more about this here.
MIH office

A year of challenges and change

It’s been another year of challenges and change within the industry. If you thought the pandemic, which led to all manner of fluctuations in the London property market, was a curve ball, the impact has been been further compounded by subsequent dramatic events on the World stage.

From the knock-on effect of recovering from the pandemic overspend, to the cost-of-living crisis and rising fuel bills triggered by the conflict in the Ukraine, plus the current instability in the Middle East and general global economic uncertainty (phew) … the property market is undoubtedly feeling the effects.

Watching and waiting

Recovering from the lockdowns of 2020, property prices were initially buoyant through 2021 and 2022, but latterly inflation and rising interest rates have seen a slowing down in the housing market with prices stalling or even dropping. Add to this a shortage of rental property in the Capital and you’ve got yourself a perfect storm. See our take on Supply v Demand. Currently, the London property landscape is somewhat hazy and what happens next is difficult to predict. The old adage Keep Calm and Carry on is probably the mantra of choice for now.

Renters Reform

The big news for Landlords and Tenants has been the proposed changes to the Renters Reform bill. Aiming to address contemporary issues with contemporary solutions, the bill looks to support all parties with some clearer guidelines, whilst tackling the pain points. We’ve documented the key learnings here. Plus there’s more in the pipeline concerning leaseholds, particularly regarding new build property.

Our Team – always at the ready

This year, we’ve said goodbye to a few old friends and welcomed some new faces into the MIH family. The key to MIH’s success is the collective skills of our staff members and the overall cohesion of our team. As the business grows and develops, we always have a close eye on the team dynamic. Ensuring that we have all the bases covered is important to our working practice, so CPD is encouraged and supported. This approach guarantees that we’re on the ball and keeping up with the rapid rate of change. All vital to handle all that has come our way this year.

Forward march

So, even though it has been quite a year and one that has kept us on our toes, we are nonetheless taking things in our stride and moving in the right direction. In fact, a birthday offers the ideal moment to pause, reflect and acknowledge just how far we have come, and allow ourselves a little glow of satisfaction.


Thank you to our team, our partners and our clients.

Here’s to 7 years and many more to come. Cheers!