What we’re grateful for – supportive clients, suppliers, site staff and the MIH team

Supportive Clients. As someone who prides herself on keeping her finger on the pulse and tries to be relevant, I have refrained from making any comment on COVID-19. Partially it is because I have been struggling with writing about the pandemic or making any political commentary. It feels as if there is something very mercenary about writing about something that will only leave a trail of destruction and misery in its wake. Writing a blog about how your company is coping, albeit well, seems to be almost profiteering and distasteful.

However, both I and MIH are unable to ignore what is going on around us and suggest that it is business as usual when it so obviously isn’t.

Getting everything in place

When the first reports started coming in about the virus and the effects it could have, our first instinct was to put into place the necessary measures to keep our staff safe. Our second was to ensure that we had the infrastructure to allow our services to remain seamless. This involved enabling all staff to work from home. Thankfully, we were able to get everything in place in advance of the Government legislation, requiring that those who can work from home do so.

Zoom and Whatapp supporting our business

Fingers crossed this has worked well so far and will continue to do so, although as a social group who all work interactively and who bounce ideas of each other, it is not easy. Thankfully, our well established what’s app group continues to ring with the usual jokes, teasing and generally caring messages.

Our keeping in touch has been bolstered by some awkward group zoom calls, which although completely embarrassing mean we get to see each other during what are truly “unprecedented times” – Yes, I put that in there for Laurence, who remarks on a daily basis that he has never heard this said so often and by so many.

When I considered writing this blog, I was keen to ensure that this didn’t come across as either social commentary or as pathetic attempt to drum up business by advertising how prepared we are in a crisis.

The people that keep us going

With this in mind, I wanted to reflect on the people who keep us going, starting with our IT Company- Nothing was too much trouble for them in getting us set up and keeping us set up. No problem is too small for them to deal with and they continue to ensure that we are fully up and running and are able to access all our systems to maintain our properties.

I would also like to thank our contractors, who have been mindful of the Government regulations but who have proved their worth and their weight in gold in getting out to sites when works are required urgently and they are safely able to do so.

It is because of our contractors’ “can-do attitude”, we were able to move in a family into one of the properties we manage on behalf of a Landlord despite the lockdown. The family who were moving out of a damp residence were thrilled we could move on this quickly and the client even happier that their property was rented despite the circumstances.

Progressing with critical work

We have also been able to progress what the Government has deemed “critical work” in respect of progressing cladding investigations at one of our buildings. We are generally in awe of the works they continue to do to ensure the safety of our residents and our buildings.

Supportive Clients

It goes without saying that our clients have been and continue to be supportive throughout this period, working with us to try and undertake inspections which would usually form part of our visits at the property, providing access to contractors and assisting us with disseminating information to all of the residents by newsletter or notices. One of our mottos is to work as a team with our clients.

Gold standard site staff

As to be expected our site staff has been truly staggering. They have often gone over and above to protect the residents and to offer them assistance with their shopping and other chores that they may be too incapacitated to do. Their cheerfulness and unquestioning reliability is commendable and something that we and our clients continue to be grateful for.

Thankful for a great team at MIH

In order to protect the innocent, we have not mentioned any names but hope they know who they are. However, I can be a little more open about the staff at MIH whom I have written about extensively. I am very thankful for having a great team of individuals who truly care about their buildings, clients, MIH and most importantly each other. I am pleased to say that we are all safe and well in our own homes at present and will continue to support our clients, staff, each other as well as our friends and families.

I cannot end this blog without reiterating the Government advice to Stay at Home, wash your Hands and most importantly to protect the NHS. In fact, from all of us at MIH we would like to thank the NHS and all Key Workers. It goes without saying that they all are invaluable and that we will never be able to thank them enough for the good work they do. We would also like to send our good wishes to everyone and their family to keep safe and well.

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