The Green Agenda

What does it mean for Landlords, property portfolio owners and property managers?

Despite all else that is going on around the World, taking care of our global environment is still very high on the agenda – and some say it should be top regardless of everything else. But how does this impact on the property market and what can we usefully do about it?

Making commercial and residential property greener

Firstly, the built environment is a significant contributor to the climate problem and therefore even small changes applied across the board will make a difference. This initiative will be driven by government legislation, but at least we can be sure that it is worthwhile, and that any expenditure involved is a genuine investment for a better future. Not least because implementing apparently expensive interventions now, can deliver savings in the long run both in terms of immediate cost-saving, and making your property more appealing to a future buyer.

Can we change our behaviour?

Whilst new build projects face a whole raft of standards that must be applied to ensure environmental friendliness, existing buildings require a different strategy. This involves auditing the building to consider energy usage, wastage and also acknowledge the ‘gaping environmental holes’ in some of the less scrupulously constructed older properties. But that doesn’t mean that existing buildings are simply beyond redemption.

Key areas for consideration moving forward are:

  • Building materials used
  • Power supply and usage
  • Appliances and smart metering
  • Waste management and general wastage
  • Insulation and glazing

Future proof your property

By taking stock, planning, and anticipating what might need attention in the near future, there is an opportunity to implement sustainable choices that will contribute to a better carbon footprint and meet the government’s future carbon-neutral goals.

The aim overall is to reduce the impact of a fast-moving, rapidly growing consumer society on the planet. This translates into the property arena as any means to increase energy efficiency and thereby reduce energy usage. To reduce waste and wastage in all aspects of managing a block, office, or individual property. To choose sustainable materials used in new build, extensions and refurbishments, over traditional methods.

  • Sustainable timber
  • Solar panels
  • Ground and air source heating systems
  • Improved insulation

The MIH Property approach

Sustainability is now an integral aspect of good property management. MIH Property has embraced this principle and factor sustainability into our property management strategy.

From monitoring legal compliance to encouraging best practices within a building, to procuring 3rd party services, we are mindful of the responsibility to the environment and the need to make the buildings in our care more sustainable, evident in our company policies:

» MIH Sustainability Policy

» MIH Property Environmental Policy

» MIH Corporate Responsibility Policy

We use ARMA recommended electricity suppliers that actively target renewable energy suppliers.


If you would like to ensure your property is in line with the green agenda and that you’re taking steps towards better sustainability, get in touch with our team today.