Nothing is going to stop us now

In the usual MIH fashion, we are working at 100 miles an hour and rarely stop for breath with the Lockdown barely slowing us down. June saw us both take on a new staff member and over 200 units and MIH have had to hit the ground running regardless of the pandemic and any impediments because of it.

It has also seen house moves and MIH starting to look for new offices and has reminded us of how important good management of both is. At the same time, MIH has decided that it is about time that the website had a revamp, in view of our ever-growing team and again the need for good management of the same.

The house move – understanding from the client’s perspective

We start with the home move and after 5 years in the same flat and the one where MIH was originally conceived, Sarah has decided it is time to move on. Luckily, due to the connections, MIH has forged with letting agents over the last 3 and a half years, she had lots of choice of agents to help her find something. Like so many affected by the Lockdown, having been at home during the pandemic Sarah decided to make the change, possibly slightly forced by the issues with her neighbours in the block with noise and smells.

For us at MIH, it was a strange feeling to have to discuss with our boss, issues that we usually discuss with our Lessees which we are unable to do anything about. It is extremely frustrating for us that we can’t help our Lessees to have the “Quiet Enjoyment” as per the Lease. Although we will always endeavor to find creative solutions to assist, ultimately where there is inadequate soundproofing under wood flooring or tenants recreation activities leave something to be desired there is very little a managing agent can do (even if they have previously worked for you, as in Sarah’s case) It is true that MIH experiences the same problems as our clients do and suffer from the same dissatisfaction.

Although the process of finding a new home was relatively easy, the administration relating to the tenancy agreement referencing etc was somewhat overwhelming and was further complicated by the first flat Sarah set her heart on being removed from the agent due to the Landlord achieving better terms via Open rent. Not to be deterred, Eliza Nissan at Chestertons was quick to find Sarah a new flat and has helped work through the quagmire of paperwork that is required. Due to MIH’s knowledge of flat management and the importance of making sure that everything is in place for the new tenant and the need to be responsive, the right questions have been asked and the move will hopefully go smoothly with all services transferred on the day- famous last words.

The office move

At the same time, MIH is also looking for new office space, and having recently undertaken the Health and Safety measures required by the pandemic, we are looking forward to being able to spread out and to hopefully get away from the very ugly (and to Sarah’s eyes offensive*) yellow and black “keep your distance” tape.

Although our move is not until November, we are very aware that we need to ensure that all the necessary paperwork is in place and that our requirements are met including the need for a meeting room and a decent kitchen. We are very aware that with the pandemic and the requirement to work from home that offices are becoming somewhat superfluous to the workplace however as per my last blog, as a company we have discovered how much we need to work together to ensure that MIH high level of service is maintained.

We are very glad that our knowledge of commercial management can be put to good use, particularly our negotiation skills, having just negotiated terms for a Landlord on extending an existing Lease. Again, through our contacts in the commercial market, we have managed to retain a good agent to help us search and we are confident that Harrison Eagles at LDG will come up with the goods. This coupled with our good management should hopefully mean that the staff at MIH are easily rehoused when the time comes in what we hope will be a bright and airy office space and for a long time to come.

The new website…. Watch this space

Finally, we move onto the website. When MIH was originally conceived in the flat Sarah is moving out of, the website and navigation was pretty much designed by her and the web designer.

With a few more years’ experience under our belt and a great marketing guru in Helen Cox we have made the decision to update the website as although serviceable it is not really a true reflection of what MIH is now. This process although eased by Helen’s direction has still meant that a great deal of time has been spent looking for new web designers and copywriters to ensure a fresh approach.

We are sure that there will be a further blog on the website as it develops but for now consider that one of the most important things is making sure that you have the right project manager on the team. Something which MIH is very aware of when working with our clients on the projects they undertake.

So, with all of that going on in July, we are not sure what the rest of the summer will hold, between bedding in new properties, Sarah’s new home, MIH’s new offices, the new website and most importantly although only briefly referred to, Holly’s initiation to the MIH way of working. Not to worry we have already planned our first drinks evening in line with social distancing and look forward to giving Holly the lowdown on MIH and what is their “normal” which is actually more like 75 or 80 miles an hour.

*Although she knows it is necessary it does not stop her recoiling at the look of the same.

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