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Meet the MIH Team

This is us – here to help you with all your property management needs. 
Please note team pictures will be coming once it is safe to have them taken.


Sarah J Fisher

Managing Director

“Sarah says

Since founding MIH, I’ve focused on developing and maintaining a strong company culture and growing a team who understand the value of Making It Happen. Over the years I’ve proven that working together for the good of each building is the best approach. And I’ve shown time and time again that nothing is impossible – even reaching a ceiling void fuse box despite only being 5 ft 1! For me, the best thing about my day-to-day life at MIH is my staff – they are simply brilliant. It’s wonderful to be able to work with them to achieve our goal of running a property management company which does things differently through ups and down, global pandemics and whatever life throws at us, we’re here to serve our clients to the very best of our ability.


Candice Fisher

Operations Director

“Candice says

My main responsibility is to make sure all our admin systems are working seamlessly. This means we can maximise our efficiency, provide a flawless service and deliver the best possible outcome for all clients in every situation.


Max Haywood

Property Manager

“Max says

It’s my responsibility to make sure that we respond as quickly and accurately as possible to enquiries, as well as making sure everything is correct, including finances. The best thing about working at MIH is that someone is always around to assist, and everyone gets on and has a laugh.


Stuart Lumsden

Property Manager

“Stuart says

I fundamentally believe you need to know the buildings thoroughly in order to manage them effectively. One of my main priorities is to get to know the client/directors and build strong relationships. I want to build a foundation of trust and maintain MIH's high standard.


Mehreen Malik

Property Manager

“Mehreen says

I manage residential blocks and estates and spend my days liaising with leaseholders, directors and contractors. I love working for MIH as the team has such different backgrounds and experience and are supportive of each other. We really care if we’re doing a good job for you.”


Joe Starkey

Head of Property Management

“Joe says

I oversee our properties and support our staff. Our clients say I’m hard-working, proactive, communicative and empathetic. I’d trust MIH with my property because we’re honest and take our property management responsibilities seriously.


Richard Townsend

Head of Accounts

“Richard says

I oversee the accounts department and prepare year end accounts. The best thing about working at MIH is being part of a great team of people in an exciting vibrant company where everyone takes pride in doing a good job. Property management is a tough industry and MIH is one of the few managing agents that genuinely care about getting things done.


Anne Wareham

Finance Administrator

“Anne says

I always provide a prompt response to queries and, if I can’t help, I will find someone who can! That’s the best thing about working at MIH: being in a team who care about their clients. We really do our best to Make It Happen.

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