Case Study One


Sarah Fisher and her team at MIH Property Management are taking care of our flats as we do not live in the UK. Besides ongoing matters, they took care of a few urgent issues that occurred, and we couldn’t be more pleased by their response and professionalism. I cannot recommend them enough. **Definitely 5 star service**

– Maya and Keren Mintz, freeholders of two flats


An existing client recommended us to Maya and her sister Keren. They were managing their UK-based flats from overseas and felt they may be able to continue to do so. Fast forward a year and Keren knew who to call when they were struggling to find reliable contractors and had a leak in one of their flats.

In true MIH style, we instantly sent over one of our favourite contractors who diagnosed the problem. We then persuaded the original contractor to complete the works at no cost to Keren and without claiming on the building insurance. Subsequently, we have negotiated rent reviews, effected a deposit return and have also worked with letting agents to get the property re-let.

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