An interview with MIH’s Property Manager, Nicola Stevens

This month’s we’re talking to Nicola Stevens, MIH’s Property Manager and why she got into property management.

Have you always been interested in property management?

I fell into it. I was at a crossroads and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I knew that I enjoyed working with people and when the opportunity came about to work for MIH, I was keen to get stuck in.

How do you find being a woman in the property management world?

Quite easy, there’s no difference. There is no sexism that I have personally experienced but I have come across it. I get the same level of respect from my clients as a man would. I think what I have experienced more is ageism. Clients like to see that you have experience in dealing with property, issues, and situations and if your younger then it can sometimes be more of a struggle to get them to take your advice.

How was the transition from stay at home mum to working for MIH?

Sarah, our MD was very supportive as my employer she knows that my priority is my child and she knows that I will give 110% and not push my luck. For me, it’s been nice to get back into work and all my experience has come back very easily. Sarah has been very flexible which makes me even more motivated to do well.

What was it like going back into the industry – had anything changed?

No, not really, same types of clients with the same issues. Technology is slowly creeping into the industry and we are looking forward to seeing how it will help us and our clients.

Why did you want to work for MIH?

Training and development is a big part of the MIH ethos and I wanted to be part of a company that took the progression of their staff seriously. I also wanted to work for a company that I could be proud of. Our Managing Director really is the core of MIH, she really does care and does the best job by going that extra mile. These core values run through MIH and make it an amazing place to work.

What do you find most difficult about Property Management?

Oh god, what isn’t difficult! If we give a client an answer, they might not like then sometimes they tend to shoot the messenger and we get the blunt end of the stick. Sometimes we just have to do things in the correct way and that can be a thankless task as not everyone will be happy with the outcome.

What do you like about Property Management?

I like problem-solving. I also love working with people and building relationships too!

Do you like working in a smaller company?

Yes definitely. When you work for a smaller company you get more involved than you would do if you were in a bigger company. The work that you do gets noticed more and you don’t feel like a small cog in a big machine. It also works better for clients as we all know everything that is going on all the time, so it’s easier for us to pick up the problem and help. You also get to develop a wider skill set as you are exposed to more things.

What inspires you?

Making a difference in property management and being able to help people. We go out of our way to get something done that nobody else can do and seeing how appreciative our clients make our work really worthwhile.

What do you consider as good property management?

It’s about knowing the legislation and understanding how to read and understand it. It is also about knowing how to do a good job, that honesty goes a long way, and making things clear and transparent to clients so that you can manage their expectations.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I’d like to be able to progress into a senior property management role with MIH and still have a great work-life balance so that I can balance work with family time and any new additions to the family.

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