Case Study One


Before MIH stepped in to save us from our previous cruddy management company, we’d have to put up with calling into an answer phone or sending emails that would never get read or followed up on. But it’s all changed now.
You call MIH, they pick up the phone and deal with your issue there and then. You email MIH, you get a polite, quick response and kept informed of what’s happening. Where we live, we have some serious issues, and MIH have been great at helping us liaise with the freeholder and supporting us through some major incidents.
I cannot fault the service MIH provide and am actually grateful to deal with a wonderful team at last.”
– Scott Coello, Chairman of the Residents’ Association, 1 Bethwin Road SE5 OYJ

The brief
We were contacted by the freeholder to take over the management of their property. They were disappointed by the lack of communication and transparency with finances they were experiencing with their current managing agents. They were getting complaints from the leaseholders every day.

Taking over management of the property, within a month of first contact, we were faced with extremely poor handover information, depleted funds and, as to be expected, some scepticism from the Residents’ Association who had a poor impression of managing agents in general.

Getting everything back on track

Fast-forward a year and we have worked hard to get the finances on track and provide transparency both to the landlord and the lessees. We have overhauled the management and the relationship with the lessees, implemented long-term strategies to deal with the issues we inherited and, perhaps most importantly, have been able to assist with formalising the Residents’ Association. We’ve transformed the relationship with the freeholder to something which is far more genial and collaborative.

The review we received from the Chairman encapsulates exactly what MIH is all about. Work with us and you’ll get good communication, responsiveness and working together to Make it Happen for your building.

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